The Importance of Staying Hydrated

Water accounts for over 60 percent of your body and is essential to staying healthy. Research and studies have found several benefits of drinking water, including keeping your memory sharp, your mood stable and your motivation intact. You can also think through a problem more easily.

As a company who provides care to others, a great consideration for us is how we can improve the wellbeing of not just our clients, but our wonderful staff too. We have recently provided our staff with reusable water bottles to ensure they are able to keep hydrated at all times.

Find below some pointers and benefits of why you should keep hydrated too.

Some of the Benefits

Water helps to improve your physical performance. Dehydration can lead to reduced motivation, increased fatigue and make exercise feel much more difficult, both physically and mentally. This can also affect your temperature control.

Staying Hydrated can maximise your brain function. Research and studies show that even mild dehydration can impair many aspects of brain function. Dehydration can affect your mood, energy levels and can be detrimental to your memory.

Drinking water may help to prevent kidney stones. Though there is limited evidence that water prevents recurrence in people who have previously gotten kidney stones, studies do show that higher fluid intake increases the volume of urine passing through the kidneys, which dilutes the concentration of minerals, so they are less likely to crystallize and form clumps.

Hydration is key to preventing and treating headaches. Dehydration is often the cause of headaches or even migraines for some people. Several studies have shown that water is a great way to relieve headaches in those who are dehydrated.

Drinking water helps to boost your immune system. When hydrated, your body is much more capable of fighting and treating headaches, improving your blood pressure, fighting flu and many other ailments.

Water helps to Prevent Cramps & Sprains Proper hydration helps keep joints lubricated and muscles more elastic so joint pain is less likely.

How to Keep Hydrated

  • Always carry a bottle of water with you when you’re out and about. Refillable water bottles are perfect for carrying fresh water.

  • Ensure to keep hydrated during hot weather, by increasing your daily intake of water.

  • Avoid sugary drinks, as well as limit how much caffeine and alcohol you consume.

  • Keep hydrated before, during and after exercise, you sweat a lot more fluid than normal!

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