Why are friendships so valuable for mental health?

Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on or someone to share exciting experiences with. Strong friendships have an important part to play in having a positive state of mental health.

Here are seven reasons why friends are so significant to our mental health:

  1. They boost our self-confidence and drive us out of our comfort zones. Friends are often a good support network and the ones we feel most comfortable to talk to. They accept us for who we are, and they wouldn’t have it any other way!

  2. Eliminate or reduce boredom and loneliness. Friends give us a reason to leave the house. They allow us to go out and socialise rather than only leaving the house for work or to complete errands. Without a circle of friends to listen to your problems or share life experiences with, people can feel isolated, anxious or depressed.

  3. Friends brighten up your day! They give us a reason to smile, laugh and enjoy ourselves – plus they can do this despite the bad mood you might be in!

  4. Your partner in crime. A friend encourages you to deviate against the norm and will stand right by your side as you do so. Your partner in crime is always there to listen to your secrets - and keep them too.

  5. Good listeners. They are available to listen and understand whatever the time or issue. Sometimes just voicing a problem or having a mutual opinion on a situation can be a huge relief, but friends are also there to lift your mood or help you to see the bigger picture.

  6. Truthful, even if it hurts. Everyone has been in a situation where you need a reality check and to face up to the truth. A friend will always be honest, but sensitive at the same time.

Friendships are such a big factor in our lives, yet people become so busy with work, family and other personal responsibilities that friends can often become neglected.

During National Friendship Month this September, reach out to your friends, remind them you are there for them and brighten up their day!

Remember: “A friend is one of the nicest things you can have and one of the best things you can be.” Douglas Pagel.

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