What to look for in a care provider

Choosing a carer to help look after a loved one can be very daunting. You want the best quality of care from someone who is experienced and gets on well with your family and loved one. Making sure the right care plan is in place is also vital.

Here are our top tips to keep in mind when looking for a carer:

1. You should consider the needs of your loved one. How often do they need a carer to visit and for how long? Different care providers will have an average time per visit, so be sure to check. Also ask whether the duration of visits is flexible.

2. Find out how the care provider records personal preferences. Making sure your loved one has a tailored approach is important. Their carer should know their likes, dislikes and preferences and if these are being met, then you will have peace of mind that your loved one is being cared for. At Anglia Care we pride ourselves on thorough care plans for our customers so we can deliver care in a way that the customer has expressed to us.

3. Ask how their support will be monitored and adapted. If your loved one has a condition that is deteriorating, knowing their needs are monitored and their support can be tailored to suit their requirements is very important. Is there a care plan in place that is regularly updated to meet the individual’s changing needs? Does your care provider have a point of contact you can speak to notify them of any changes or raise concerns? How will the care provider ensure all carers adapt to any changes to the care we provide?

Making the decision to get assistance with caring for a loved one is difficult, especially when there are so many aspects to consider. The right choice in carer can result in a better quality of life for your loved one as well as giving you the reassurance that they are being cared for properly.

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