Five tips to combat loneliness in the elderly

Loneliness is commonly described as a lack of strong social relationships and interactions. Many older people find themselves isolated for many reasons, such as poor social networks and health problems which limit the amount of interactions they receive. Recognising loneliness in a loved one means you can take steps to combat their feeling of isolation. Here are our five tips for combating loneliness in the elderly.

1. Getting involved with local community groups

There are many charities and groups which aim to help elderly people make new connections. These include tea parties and friendship groups.

2. Keep in touch by phone

A simple phone call with a family member or friend can lift a person’s mood and brighten their day. Checking in on elderly relatives can provide them with a conversation and feeling of being loved that they otherwise wouldn’t have.

3. Using technology to stay in touch with elderly family

Using a laptop or tablet can allow someone to video chat with family members if they are unable to visit. This gives some face-to-face interaction to look forward to.

4. Get them out and about.

Take your elderly relative out with you. Getting out in the local area with other members of the community can combat feeling completely alone.

5. Check in with them regularly

Visiting and communicating with an elderly relative can show them they are loved and can stop them from feeling as isolated.

Keeping in touch with an elderly relative and including them in your lives can give them social interactions that they have been missing out on. Loneliness can effect many aspects of an individual’s life and it is important to try and combat this to give them the best quality of life.

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