Explaining home care to young children

As much as it might be hard for an elderly individual to accept that they need home care, it will also be hard on young children to understand why their grandparents might need more help than usual.

Even though home care limits the amount of changes in your loved one’s life, some children might still feel uneasy and confused by the situation. We’ve put together a few things to consider if it comes to a point where you need to explain to young children what might be happening with their grandparents.

1. Introduce your loved one’s carer as their new friend Rather than telling the child specifically that their home carer is there to care for your loved one, perhaps introduce the idea of them being your loved one’s new friend that sometimes comes to help them out when they need it. This can instantly induce trust in the child and they may feel more comfortable referring to them as this.

2. Encourage empathy You can explain to the child that as people get older, they might need more help than usual. Discuss the fact that older people might have trouble hearing or with their sight and their new friend helps them with this.

3. Ask your child what they thought of the visit Before taking them again, you should ask how the child found the visit with their grandparent. If they felt scared by the unfamiliarity of the home carer you can reassure them that you will be there the whole time and that their grandparent really enjoyed their company. Suggest some fun activities for next time to get them excited about going to see them again.

We understand that it can be hard on all members of the family when it comes to considering home care, but Anglia Care aim to ease disruption and provide a positive experience for all the family. Contact us today if you need advice on anything.

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