Recognising the signs of depression in the elderly

Depression in the elderly is quite a common occurrence. It can also manifest itself differently in older people which is why it can be missed. We have gathered a few signs below to look out for depression in your loved ones

1. If they have one or more chronic illnesses

Some chronic illnesses such a Parkinson’s disease can cause depression. If your loved one has any chronic condition, you should check if their illnesses can manifest into depression, so you can manage it effectively.

2. Loneliness

Loneliness is common in older people, so be sure to check in with them regularly. Being on their own for long periods of time can contribute to depressive tendencies.

3. Cognitive changes

Some older people may show a loss of concentration and other cognitive changes. These are sometimes mistaken for signs of dementia as both symptoms of dementia and depression can overlap.

4. Sleeping problems

Sleeping too much or too little can also be a sign of depression. This can also be a sign of old age, so you should make sure to look out for other symptoms of depression as well.

5. Weight loss or weight gain

Your loved one might be eating too much to compensate for their low feelings or they might have no energy to eat at all. Be sure to keep an eye on your loved one if this occurs as this can develop into physical illnesses.

Seeing your loved one go through some or all of the above can be painful to watch. But if you catch it early on and can talk to them about it, it will lead to a more fulfilling life for both you and them. There are lots of support for elderly people with mental health illnesses - if you need more information you can visit Age UK here.

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