Carer’s Week: Why I love being a carer

Carer’s Week: Why I love being a carer

Carer’s Week aims to raise awareness of caring across the UK and to support the health and wellbeing of carers. This week’s blog comes from one of our own at Anglia Care, Laura, who explains why she loves being a carer.

I’m in love with my job. Why? So many reasons. I think being able to help people is the most important thing in this world and it brings you so much satisfaction. I was in a hospital bed for two months because of a car accident and I was unable to move. That’s why I probably know better than anyone how you feel when you can’t even drink a glass of water without help from another person. Being a carer doesn’t just mean that you help people with their daily routines, it is about building a friendship and trust with them. I believe this is the most important thing; making sure someone feels valued. In this job you create connections based on trust and confidence. Going to a person every day means you become a part of their life and sometimes we are the only ones that they see all day. This makes them happy because they know no matter the weather, WE ARE ALWAYS THERE! As a carer we see many different people and the way they live in their own homes. We see their happiness, sadness, upset, loneliness and anger but once you go into their house, they give you a smile knowing that you are here for them. Once, I was told that I’m a superhero because he feels saved every time I come to visit him. He said that he is amazed at how much I get done in the time I am with him. I have also been told that I am like family which is very special for me to hear. Every person is unique with different ways in which they choose to live. I will ensure their needs are met without disrupting their lives and their wishes.

Here are a few things I do day to day as a carer:

Assisting with washing, dressing, showering and bathing - Picking out clothing - Making sure they are dressed - Combing hair - Shaving when required - Cleaning glasses - Making sure hearing aids are on and fitted - Making sure hear alarms are working and worn - Cleaning dentures - Getting bags ready if they’re going out

Assisting with meal preparation and dietary needs - Looking into dietary requirements - Making sure they’ve eaten and drank enough - Checking they’re happy with the choice of foods and ensuring variety - Making sure their clothes protectors are worn - Giving them special cutlery if required - Making sure food is the right temperature

Assisting with medication administrating and ordering - Administrating/observing/assisting with medication from a pharmacy filled blister pack, dosette box or original packaging.

Assisting with cleaning, ironing, laundry, shopping, correspondence and going out - Can be flexible or we can have set times to do what they need

We also are trained to use moving and positioning equipment, and we have an understanding of dementia and other health conditions. We are trained in end of life care, re-enablement care and live-in care. Being a carer is a privilege. I love helping people and I love that they feel safe a secure with me in their homes. It is an incredibly rewarding job and I feel very lucky to be given the opportunity to help people less able than myself.

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