Five activities you can do with your parents or grandparents

Five activities you can do with your parents or grandparents

As people get older they will understandably become less mobile and may be less able to do the things they used to do. With young children, this can be particularly difficult when they’re going to visit their grandparents. We’ve compiled a list of activities you can do, with or without young children, to help keep your parents or grandparents active and engaged.

1. Crafts

For the parent or grandparent who isn’t so mobile, arts and crafts are a fun activity to be enjoyed by people of all ages. If they are experiencing dementia or Alzheimer’s, this could include creating a memory box full of photographs or newspaper clippings from their younger years. This could also be something a simple as a colouring book.

2. Games

Puzzles and games are not only good cognitively, but they can also be fun for both children and adults! This could include a simple game of cards or something more complex such as chess.

3. Reading

If you have young children, they can practice their reading skills on their grandparents! This is also good if your parent or grandparent can’t see as well as they used to.

4. Baking

Rice Krispie chocolate nests are a common favourite because of their simplicity. All you need to make these is butter, golden syrup, chocolate and Rice Krispies. Simply melt the chocolate, add the butter and syrup, and stir into the Rice Krisipies before spooning into cases.

5. Gardening If your parent or grandparent feels able to move around with ease, gardening is a great activity. This might seem like a more adult activity, and it can be, but if you give a young child a small plot of their own soil, they can grow all sorts with the help of a parent or grandparent.

There are lots more activities to be enjoyed as well as the ones highlighted above. Do some research into what your parent or grandparent might enjoy doing and get your children involved if appropriate!

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