Stay cool in the summer!

As it ages the human body losses the capacity to conserve water,therefor do not forget to pack water for long journeys outside the house(in direct sun or long car trips) Keep drinking water or fluids even when at home or resting in the shade.

Do wear your favorite hat while in the sun!The bigger the better especially for those with light colored hair or those left only with distant memories of a full head of hair!

You are never too old to be fashionable!Put your shades on!Wearing sunglasses can protect eyes from harmful UV rays,strong sun and preserve your vision!

Dress to impress!When it is warm outside natural fabrics like cotton,linen or silk are likely to cool the body better than synthetic fibers!Opt for bright colors that reflect the sun and keep the body cool.

Stay independent and active even on a very hot day!Walk,work in the garden,go shopping early in the morning when the sun is not very strong and the air is still breezy.Avoid staying out too long and always wear sunblock.

Grab the chance of making new friends and having company!If leaving on your own ask young neighbors or their children to pop in and check on you.Every little helps!

Summer is the BBQ,fun and relaxation season!Let's all enjoy it fully!

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